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A Quest of Another Kind

Sometimes a blog post fits several categories. “A Quest of Another Kind” fits that description. This post, originally written for a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge deserved to be on my writing blog as well as on http://triumphoverterror.com, a joint blog with Bob Ossler and myself.

Janice Hall Heck

Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest


Simple Definition of quest…Merriam Webster online dictionary

  • : a journey made in search of something

  • : a long and difficult effort to find or do something

My friend, Bob Ossler, and I set out on a quest more than sixteen months ago: to write his memories of his work as a volunteer chaplain at Ground Zero in New York City after 9/11.

Bob is a talker and a storyteller. He is not a writer. But he joined a writers’ critique group that my friend, Kathryn Ross, and I organized at Cumberland County Community Church, in Millville, NJ.

Bob started telling his Ground Zero stories and stopped us cold. We listened to story after story, spellbound and teary-eyed.

When Bob stopped talking, silence overwhelmed the conference room. Then, almost in unison, the writers in the group said, “Bob, you must write these stories so readers can see a new…

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Why Grammar Matters in Your Book

Read this post reblogged from Julie Glover who tells us why grammar does matter! Well done, Julie.

Julie Glover, Author

I’ve been called a Grammar Nazi, a grammar geek, a grammar freak, a grammar nut, the grammar police, and a stickler. What they say behind my back, I don’t know.

I’m not that bad. I don’t critique tweets, personal emails, texts, slang, or other informal communication. I am, however, concerned about proper language usage when it comes to published works.

Before you think I’m here waving a red Sharpie and poised to attack your misspellings, mispronunciations, or mistaken word usage, you should know that first and foremost, grammar geeks are word lovers. Just like writers.

I spend one day a week talking about language on Amaze-ing Words Wednesday. Those posts range from grammar advice to etymology to word games. Language is fascinating. The human ability to communicate a wide range of emotion, information, and ideas sets us apart and allows us to accomplish together what we couldn’t…

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50 Ways Editing Will Drive You Insane (Part 1)

This excellent post was written by Therin Knite of Knite Writes: The Official Blog of Therin Knite. I’m eagerly waiting for part 2!

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