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Apostrophe Atrocity: On The Marquee at the Shore

Heavens forfend! An error on the marquee down at the shore.

Contractions photo - Janice Heck

The contraction stands for two words: Let us. Using the contraction form, it should read “Let’s…”

Oh well, the heat must have gone to someone’s head!



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3 thoughts on “Apostrophe Atrocity: On The Marquee at the Shore

  1. Carol Heck Millward on said:

    Amazing!, My biggest complaint is that so many people put an apostrophe before the “s” in words that are plural, not possessive. Here is a marquee that needs an apostrophe and doesn’t get it. I’m sure it got used for a plural word somewhere.

    • HI Carol,
      Hang on. I’ve got a post coming on that very topic after I finish my parallel structure series. Hope it’s cooler when you get home. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are a faithful sister-in-law!

  2. Haha. Or they don’t own an apostrophe. 😉

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